Domain owners are being targeted

Recently, we received multiple emails regarding our various domain names. One email indicated it was from GoDaddy and that someone was attempting to change our domain servers. This email asked that we click on the link contained within the email, to verify our domain information.

The second email read that is was from “Domain Registration SEO Service Corp.” and that our domain registration was expiring. This email asked that we renew our domain name, by clicking on the link contained within the email.

We recognized that these emails were fraudulent and potential security risks. Instead of complying with the requests made in the emails, we made contact with GoDaddy (our domain provider) and our suspicions were verified. The GoDaddy representative stated that criminals were attempting to “hack” GoDaddy’s secure servers in an effort to obtain sensitive account information. The representative said it was an attack similar to that used to acquire account information from Target and other major retailers. Since the hackers were unable to circumvent GoDaddy’s security measures, they have resorted to domain registration searches and are sending fraudulent emails to domain owners.

These kinds of emails are also known as “phishing.” The criminals use the identity of real or fictitious organizations to obtain personal and business information from an unsuspecting target. The dangers of these kinds of emails are multidimensional. Either the criminal is trying to steal your identity or they are trying to obtain your credit card information for their future fraudulent use. Sometimes the links will actually download a virus to you computer and we all know how dangerous and destructive that can be.

To protect yourself from such risks, DO NOT click on links contained in unsolicited emails. Review the emails carefully and never open documents attached to an email from an unknown source. When is doubt, throw it out! Delete the email without opening it or actively interacting with it.

Please help us spread the word about this domain scam. It is not just our businesses that are at risk. Many people have personal website and may be targeted by these criminals. Together we can help prevent those we know from being victimized!

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